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About me

My pasion for music began when I was a kid. I started piano lessons at eight. I recorded some mixtapes playing covers and originals.

In the late 90s, I got a PC and began experimenting with FL Studio, creating basic tracks. I was also devouring all Trance music and TranceAddict stuff I could get.

Around 2002 during collegue I started to mix music at friends and family parties, more focused on House and open-format style.

In 2006 I adopted the stage name endervan inspired by the tussenvoegselsvan’ & ‘der‘. It doesn’t really have a specific meaning: Think of it as an homage to the Dutch Trance Royalty. Some friends call me Endy.

In 2009, I debuted as an artist at Club Atlantico, blending live performance and demo tracks. I started to organize tiny private Trance events on 2015. In August 2017 I hosted my first event on a public venue under the name ‘Trance With Me‘.

During the lockdown I focused in doing a weekly livestream set for two years in a row. I also performed guest mixes for projects such as Trancension and other Twitch channels.

I also experimented with some remixes during 2021 and starting to release Trance mashups to the world. In 2022 I hosted another small Trance/Techno event called ‘NRG‘ in a public rooftop.

In 2023, I had my international debut at AC Lounge, warming up for Arran Lee.

I create tracks for all genres… using ‘endervan’ for original work and Trance mashups/remixes, ‘NDRVN’ for other EDM styles and ‘ND’ for the rest. The fewer the letters, the less involved the genre – it’s just a personal quirk of mine.