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The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Henry Sanz Remix, NDRVN Drinkee Edit)

Great Remix plus some voice edits and a sample from Sofi Tukker’s Drinkee track.

Marc et Claude – Loving U (Slow-Mo Remix) Endervan Edit

Spiced with some Endy’s strings. And I made it easier to mix.

Lemon – We Can’t Fly (Solarstone Mix) Endervan Edit

This track is technically a mashup, featuring the same artist and track. More breakdown and easier to mix.

Armin Van Buuren & Giuseppe Ottaviani vs. KCE – Metal Magico (Endervan’s Wolf Mashup)

A new approach with some of the last words by Sniper Wolf and Solid Snake.

Gareth Emery, STANDERWICK feat. HALIENE vs. Yoshi & Razner – Saving Emotions Light (Endervan Mashup)

A good friend opened for HALIENE last saturday and that brought Saving Light to my mind. Then the twins released Emotions track and… well here they are.

The Doppler Effect vs. RAM – Beauty Hides in RAMsterdam (Endervan Mashup)

Made it in a hype 2-hour rush. Just fo find out that somebody got this idea first.

Yoshi & Razner vs. Angelus – Pegasus Keeps Me High (Endervan Mashup)

I love this duo. They’re very energetic and emotional. Also, Keeps Me High was one of my 2021 highlights. DAME TU FUERZA PEGASO!! Update: Angelus discovered this πŸ™‚

Power Circle vs. Darren Porter – Remember the Lights a Little (Endervan Mashup)

I thought it was a Chicane original song, but it isn’t!

Reflekt vs. Sean Tyas – Need to Feel Turbo Loved (Endervan Mashup)

Great lyrics for such a great tune. Update: suppported by YOSHI & RAZNER and my friends haha.

Chris Schweizer & Allen Watts vs. Above & Beyond – Peace of Cabrones Mind (Endervan Mashup)

I really, REALLY like this Schweizer/Watts track! I just wanted to add some cool lyrics on top!

Lost Tribe vs. Raul Mad – That Night at Gamemaster’s Fabric (Endervan Mashup)

This new release of Raul Mad is beautiful! And Lost Tribe’s vocals fits quite well. Update: Raul Mad listened to my mashup and he liked it <3

BT vs. Santos – Remember Camels (Endervan’s Slinky Mashup Reconstruction)

I listened to this mashup on Slinky Planet Moscow Russia compilation CD. First I thought it was a remix. I searched it for years with no results. Then I found that it was a mashup. I decided to re-construct it. Update: Garry White (the original Mashup DJ) liked this Edit πŸ™‚

Armin Van Buuren & Giuseppe Ottaviani vs. KCE – Metal Magico (Endervan’s MSG Mashup)

What happens when you played the best videogame in the world, you got haunted by the soundtrack and you love Trance? You want to make a mashup!

Delerium vs. Super8 & Tab – Mega Silence (Endervan Mashup)

This is a very interesting Super8 & Tab track. I wanted it as a closing track for a set, but I wanted some super known lyrics.

Solid Sessions vs. Andrew Bayer – Super Human Meets Janeiro (Endervan’s Mashup)

Hey, Janeiro… What are you doing to my body?