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Loving U (Endervan Edit)

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I always liked this remix. It inspired me on 2021 to do a live 142bpm mashup on my Trancension 39 guest mix. So for my opening set in San Diego, I brought back this great track with a little Endy spice.

I added some strings I’m using in several tracks. Also I added more intro/ending to make it easier to mix because laziness.

I got tired about trying to mix track covers, so “I created” a new one. Cover art was generated by Stable Difussion XL 1.0. The keywords I used were: “Loving you it is easy because you’re beautiful”. I chose Neon Punk style ’cause thats kinda MY THING lol. At least in the Internet.

Available to download here. By the way, I’m using my new *MEDIARATOR* PHP script to serve new audio downloads! First version is very basic but eventually I’ll put an audio player, cover art, and other stuff. It will be like a personal Spotify web player hehe.

Marc et Claude – Loving U (Slo-Motion Remix) (Endervan Edit)